The Team

About Us:

The Virtually Made team is heavily involved within the Cardano community and has in-depth knowledge and a passion for decentralization. We are experienced in multiple blockchains and versed in various DAPPs, DEXs, and NFT ecosystems. We are a team of engineers, marketers, and artists with decades of professional experience at the highest level.

Our Why:

We see decentralization as an opportunity equalizer. Therefore, we are passionate about creating value within the blockchain to promote faster adoption. The more engaging we make our brand to a larger, more general population, the faster we can promote decentralized technologies.

The Co-Founders:

Blockchain Developer

<Michael Stewart>

Michael brings 17+ years of experience to bear in software development and systems architecture. He also has 10+ years of data and analytics expertise that he applies to cloud-based design and data warehouse architecture for fortune 500 companies.
Michael has been an active participant in cryptocurrency for several years and, more recently, a passionate member of the Cardano community since 2017. As a co-founder of the Cardano Canucks stake pool, Canucks Staking and Canucks Publishing, he is able to bring his extensive experience in data and analytics together with his passion for cryptocurrency and building a better future. Most recently, Mike has led the NFT minting platform design and development. The first project to launch was Canuckz NFTs, with several quickly following. The NFT minting platform has evolved considerably since then through the launch of several projects, and is now a foundational product of Canucks Publishing.
Michael is also an active member of the CCSPA (Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association), establishing best practices, contributing thought leadership and sharing knowledge with others in the Cardano community.

Blockchain Developer

<Vivek Nankissoor>

With 15+ years of experience in database requirements, design and development, Vivek has established and grown web analytics, marketing automation and QA practices across multiple organizations. His deep understanding of marketing, data and analytics strategy has been an asset to various companies in the enterprise retail, cpg, banking, automotive, pharma and fintech industries among others.
More recently, Vivek is a co-founder of the Cardano Canucks stake pool, Canucks Staking and Canucks Publishing. With the creation of the Canucks Publishing NFT minting platform and refinement via the successful launch of Canuckz NFTs, Vivek has since helped to onboard many projects. He has helped to develop Canucks Publishing into a productive conduit through which creators can bring their projects to life.
His passion extends to giving back to the community and taking a leadership role around organizing groups such as the CCSPA (Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association), as well as raising awareness/knowledge surrounding financial literacy with at-risk youth and various investment groups.

Lead Moderator


Aesch brings a flair for freshly grown, organic and prehistoric NFT's. Aesch has been in the space over the last few years moderating many projects and making a lot of friends along the way. With his background in Business and Education, Aesch puts a dry Aussie wit into everything he does. Aesch's mantra is "it's my first day." Aesch looks to be explicit when he welcomes new arrivals to the project, and keep them safe from the Wild West, which is Crypto. Interests are long walks along the beach. Dislikes include ape related NFT's and congestion.