➡️What is the Franchise Pass?


The Franchise Pass is similar to a battle or season pass where players earn rewards based on their engagement within the franchise. However, unlike a traditional battle pass, your Franchise Pass will never expire as long as you have ownership of the NFT.

The Franchise Pass is about "Owning Your Entertainment". Through metadata upgrades, you are able to customize your Veggilantes and Crumb Lords traits without sacrificing their power rankings. Franchise Pass holders will earn traits through reaching milestones within the VM ecosystem. Traits will also become available through exclusive drops and promotional offers for Franchise Pass holders.

The Franchise Pass also includes Greens Power-up rewards which will allow you to further engage within the Virtually Made ecosystem.

Unlocked Policy ID

In order to support the franchise pass we will create a new, unlocked policy ID which will serve as the policy for Veggilantes vs. Crumb Lords. This will allow metadata augmentations and customization of your entertainment.

Policy ID: 121dee86b8f6268ade92feec0e7311bee0912d089c80e576e4a4e74c

Website: https://franchisepass.virtuallymade.io/

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