VeggieMates vs Junkies

The Story:

The year is 3021, and all that is left on earth is the VeggieMates and Junkies. Not all is sunshine and roses in this post-apocalyptic world. The VeggieMates have been banished, forced to live underground like dirt, while the Junkies remain at the top of the food chain.
However, there is a dilemma, as the VeggieMates must eat the Junkies in order to live. While the Junkies must eat their vegetables. It's a fight for survival and only one may win.

The Premise:

The VeggieMates must protect their underground tunnels from the Junkies. Each tunnel has an entrance on the surface and these are the VeggieMate's strongholds. The VeggieMates must defend these strongholds as the Junkies are coming for their family, children, and most importantly their $Greens.

The Veggilantes

A group of misfits and soldiers, the Veggilantes primary role is to defend their strongholds. Their mission is to prevent the Junkies from entering their underground tunnels at all costs. The Veggilantes each specialize in various weapon classes. Utilize your Veggilantes allies to strategically defend against the Junkies.


Ruthless, aggressive, and full of sh*t, the Junkies are on a mission to eat VeggieMates and stack $Greens. The only thing getting in between the Junkies and their veggies are the Veggilantes.


$Greens can be exchanged for $Cheese to give the Veggilantes a strategic advantage. This will allow players to purchase more turrets, special items, and upgrades.


$Cheese will serve as an in-game currency and will be used to defend against the Junkies.
The Veggilantes are starved and malnourished from years of a living in a war-torn world. In order to gather enough energy, the VeggieMates must eat $Cheese rations to energize their fighting efforts. Their only option? To smash the Junkies and cream them into $Cheese.

Skill Based Rewards

The VeggieMates vs Junkie Tower Defense game will introduce new Junkies and Turrets as the game progresses. Players will be rewarded $Greens each time they beat a new level, the difficulty of the levels will increase as new mechanics are introduced to the game.

Daily Rewards

Users will be rewarded $Greens each day for logging into the game. This will promote activity on the platform and help the VeggieMates in their fight for freedom.

$Greens Token Distribution: