$Greens are a native token on the Cardano Network. The primary use of $Greens will be to fuel the Virtually Made entertainment ecosystem. $Greens will be the currency in the Franchise Pass and will also be applied in other utility applications such as Merchandise, Music, and NFTs.
$Greens will be available for exchange through various Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) such as Minswap, SundaeSwap, and MuesliSwap.

Token name: Greens (GREENS)

Policy Id: 4623ab311b7d982d8d26fcbe1a9439ca56661aafcdcd8d8a0ef31fd6

Methods of Earning $Greens

Token Staking
NFT Staking
17.5% of the total supply will be designated for Token holder rewards. Token holders will be able to stake their $Greens utility tokens to earn more $Greens. Token staking will provide value to $Green holders and incentivize holding $Greens which will benefit the overall $Greens ecosystem. See more in Token Staking.
17.5% of the total supply will be designated for NFT holder rewards. VeggieMates and Junkies holders can stake their NFTs to earn the $Greens utility token. . The amount of $Greens will be relative to the amount of NFTs held. See more in NFT Staking.
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