➡️Becoming a Veggilante/Crumb Lord

When you consume your first Veggie or Junkie, you will become a Veggilante/Crumb Lord and the NFT will be consumed. Each time you consume a Veggie or a Junkie, you will level up and consume it's $Greens rewards. You can level up your Veggilante or Crumb Lord up to 3 times, unlocking metadata upgrades along the way. Meaning a Level 3 Veggilante/Crumb Lord will have 4x $Greens rewards. In addition, each level includes various metadata upgrades.

Level 1 - Name Attribute

Tired of being another number? How about a cool name like "Brock Lee", "Cornel Sanders", "Crack Head", or "Pizza Face". Maybe you're part of a faction and you want to represent the Bad Banana Club. Whatever it is, the first step to becoming a Veggilante or Crumb Lord is to pick a badass name.

Level 2 - Theme Song

Every hero and villain needs a theme song! Produced by our very own Paul Thomas, your Veggilantes and Crumb Lords will be going to war in style! Time to rock out with your brock out!

Sneak Peek

Level 3 - Franchise Pass

This is where it gets serious and the Franchise Pass is unlocked! Veggilantes and Crumb Lords will have access to $Greens power-ups, metadata power-ups, animated traits, ranking titles, and additional rewards tracks. Rewards will be based on your power ranking.

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