Becoming a Veggilante/Crumb Lord

When you consume your first Veggie or Junkie, you will become a Veggilante/Crumb Lord and the NFT will be consumed. Each time you consume a Veggie or a Junkie, you will level up and consume it's $Greens rewards. You can level up your Veggilante or Crumb Lord up to 3 times, unlocking metadata upgrades along the way. Meaning a Level 3 Veggilante/Crumb Lord will have 4x $Greens rewards. In addition, each level includes various metadata upgrades.

Level 1 - Name Attribute

Tired of being another number? How about a cool name like "Brock Lee", "Cornel Sanders", "Crack Head", or "Pizza Face". Maybe you're part of a faction and you want to represent the Bad Banana Club. Whatever it is, the first step to becoming a Veggilante or Crumb Lord is to pick a badass name.
Level 2 - Theme Song
Every hero and villain needs a theme song! Produced by our very own Paul Thomas, your Veggilantes and Crumb Lords will be going to war in style! Time to rock out with your brock out!
Level 3 - Franchise Pass
This is where it gets serious and the Franchise Pass is unlocked! Veggilantes and Crumb Lords will have access to $Greens power-ups, metadata power-ups, animated traits, ranking titles, and additional rewards tracks. Rewards will be based on your power ranking.

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