➡️Metadata Upgrades

Want a new set of shades? Maybe a cooler hat? How about a new body? Customize your Veggilantes and Crumb Lords through metadata augmentations. Earn your traits through the franchise pass and customize your NFTs.

Example: Maybe you have the perfect Veggie or Junkie, but you just wished it had laser eyes. Wish no more! The Franchise Pass allows you to own your entertainment experience by allowing you to customize your Veggilantes and Crumb Lords to your taste.

Rewards Track

As you interact with the VM ecosystem you will unlock achievements. These achievements will earn traits through the franchise pass. The rewards earned will be based on your Veggilante or Crumb Lord tier and power ranking.

Example - Rewards Track: Imagine owning the first season of our Spudz Comic Series. If you held a franchise pass, you would complete an achievement in the VM ecosystem and unlock a new trait "Bowler hat" that you can equip to your Veggilante or Crumb Lord.

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